brighidn: Anastasia Krupnik (Anastasia)
[personal profile] brighidn2015-07-12 12:59 pm


Howdy hams.

I'm a general class YL ham from rural western North America (ITU 6 or USA 7). My favourite thing to do with bandwidth is play with digital modes, fuzzy modes, learn a bit of tech and science, do hands on projects like kit building and antenna design, handle traffic, and do local emcomm. I am still trying to learn CW, but being a visual learner it's a long haul. I don't do much contesting, but am happy to help county or grid hunters. I also love field day, and often work HF from the boonies on a solar power system I built myself. :) I also like to QSO on 2m from mountaintops: current simplex dx record is 118 miles.

I'd love to hear thoughts on these issues. Also, as a ham of frugal budget, hah, I would love to learn more about QRP, DIY solutions and designs.

Please do call on me or chat here! 73!